Genesis 25:25

(parody of "In the Year 2525" by Zager and Evans)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I wrote this one for my friend Ed, who is seemingly one of the few people who likes the original.

Genesis 25:25, first baby Esau arrives,
then Jacob's born alive, and it starts.

Genesis 25:28, Jacob cooked food and Esau ate.
Jacob said, "Your birthright first." Esau really came out worst.

Genesis 27 verse 5, Jacob and his mom cooked up a lie,
Also cooked Isaac's favorite stew. Jacob stole the blessing, too.

Genesis 27:41, Esau found out what Jacob had done.
Jacob did not want to die, so he said a quick goodbye.

Genesis 28:11, Jacob had a dream of Heaven.
God promised to keep him safe. Jacob worshipped when he was awake, woah-woh.

Genesis 29 verse 4, Jacob went to Laban, son of Nahor.
He worked seven years for his wife, got her sister and the shock of his life.

Genesis 30, verse 20, Rachel wanted kids, Leah had plenty.
Rachel then did overreact, and their handmaids got in on the act, woah-woh.

Genesis 30, verse 30, Jacob got all the sheep that looked dirty,
Striped or spotted, he ran a scam, so he got all the healthy lambs.

Now Jacob has twelve boys, he knows a rich man's joys.
With him and Esau, all is well, and his new name's Israel.
He's camping in the land God gave to Abraham.
But his troubles aren't quite done, not with Joseph as a son...

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