End Times

(parody of "Long Time" by Boston)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: everybody wants to know how the book of Revelation is going to play out. But some strange, non-Biblical teachings about the end times have wormed their way into the church, and like any false doctrine, these need to be confronted and stopped.

It's been such a long time, since our Lord ascended.
Some say when the Temple fell, all prophecy was ended.
But if Christ rules in this millenial kingdom,
Where's the justice, where's the peace that set the prophets singin'?
I guess He didn't bring 'em

Don't be wasting my time teaching Godless lies.
You will see the truth when He comes through the skies.
But when He says it's time, there will be no more, just the day of the Lord.
It's about the end times, singing 'bout the end times.

There are some who say the church should run the planet.
We should conquer the world for God, and rule just like He ran it.
Then when Christ comes, we'll hand the kingdom to Him.
But if He doesn't conquer all, that's not the glory due Him.
I wonder if they knew Him.


It's been such a long time, and time keeps on unfolding.
Some get obsessed with what the final days are holding.
There's a day set, a day of endless sorrow.
Got to serve our Savior today, we may not have tomorrow,
And no more time to borrow.

Chorus 2:
He's not taking His time, He's not running late.
He just wants some more to find the narrow gate.

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