Evangelicals and Catholics Together

(parody of "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo" by Lobo)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I remain mystified, and angered, that a group of evangelical Christians (who used to know better) signed off on an agreement that a particular group of lost souls aren't really lost. The lyrics to this song are somewhat strident. I offer no apologies.

There was a time, so long ago,
When the space between us clearly showed.
My Bible and your Roman doctrines didn't get along.
I would tell you how to be saved,
And you would burn me to an early grave.
But now that time is passed, 'cause now I've got a different song:

You and me and the E.C.T, selling out truth so we can share.
You and me and the E.C.T, it's unbiblical -- I don't care.

Now, some friends of mine made a deal.
We'd back away from what is real,
And in exchange, you wouldn't change anything at all.
Though we're far apart as can be,
We just agreed to disagree.
We'll smile at you and say we love you while we watch you fall.


I can still recall the day
Colson, Bright and Packer came to say
If I tell you the Gospel of Christ, it means that I'm cruel.
It doesn't matter what's wrong or right
As long as we don't dispute and fight,
While you go to Hell and Jesus calls me a fool.


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