Down With Four Corners

(parody of "Down On the Corner" by CCR)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this one sprang full-grown from the Scripture reading in church one morning, specifically the beginning of Acts 11. I wrote the story from the original narrative in Acts 10; the second chorus came first, and the rest got written around that beginning. I turned the solo into a rap because it's not much of a solo, and ApologetiX has turned solos into raps for several songs (including "Proud Mary," another CCR song), for the same reason I did — they wanted to put more words into the song than would fit in the original.

Early down in Acts 10 (trust me, it's worth your time),
There's a guy, Cornelius, with a startling view of mind.
Lord sends him a warning, trying to fill his cup.
Thrilled that afternoon because he shows a godly heart.

How could a Roman call and entreat?
Will he find the good Lord a-prayin' in Caesarea? Send for Pete.

Servants went to Joppa, walking in single file.
Peter wants his gut filled, but lunch, it takes a while.
Just about the dinner hour, a vision came into view,
And Peter goes into a trance and sees it on the roof:

Down with four corners, just like a sheet.
And he heard the good Lord a-sayin', "Rise and kill and you can eat."

rap - like a verse (solo in the original):
Every kind of animal, that you ever seen.
Peter said, "Don't make me eat if they're unclean."
God said, "If I cleaned 'em, 'bad' you shouldn't say."
Then it happened twice more, then it went away.
Peter tried to figure what's it all about.
Then he got some visitors, being real devout.
Spirit said to Peter, "Off the roof and gettin' down.
"You've got some company, they'll take you out of town."

Down, down to Corny, watch now and see
Will he do it good or delay it? Jews and Gentiles, they can't eat.

bridge - like 2 lines of a verse

Peter said, "If any is just, then he'll be found,
Saved 'cause God has picked him; now I'll say why and expound!"
Told them 'bout reborning, they made a joyful noise.
Everyone saw grace abound, the Gospel came to goys.

Now came the order, came straight from Pete;
Hearing all the cool tongues, he's saying, "They've been picked so dunk 'em deep!"

"You're out of order," said Pharisees.
Peter said, "The good Lord arranged it." Told them quickly and complete.

Down came the power! Doubt's in retreat.
Peter and the Gentiles are sayin', Satan, Old Nick, has seen defeat.

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