Double Standard

(parody of "Double Vision" by Foreigner)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: this is one of my older parodies, where the words rhyme with each other but not with the original. Still, it has a useful message.

Feeling high and holy, looking down on you.
I know the reason for what you've gone through.
Maybe 'cause you're sinning, maybe faith you lack.
But when the same thing hits me, it's satanic attack.

Fix the blame, with my double standard.
Not the same, with my double standard.
Ooh, when I get on a roll, I leave my own self whole,
My double standard will condemn your soul!

Pointing with the finger, making sure you knew
It's your fault when bad things happen to you.
But when I have trouble, it's not the same, you see.
You can't be so unloving as to try and blame me!


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