(parody of "Barracuda" by Heart)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I knew I wanted to rewrite this song, but I had no idea what it would be about. I eventually remembered that, somewhere in the Bible, there was a place called Dalmanutha. But what happened there? Was it significant, or was it just one of the towns that defined Israel's border? I had to look it up. Once I found it in Mark 8:10-21, I knew exactly what the song would be about, and it flowed pretty quickly from there.

Pharisees and the scribes came again
To say they want to see a display.
He just gave some four thousand a meal.
The scales before their eyes prevail.

Chorus 1:
It's not a good thing that they will seek.
A sign is all they want to see.
They wear Him down, down, down, those Pharisees.
He wouldn't in Dalmanutha.

Back a short time, things were all fine
When He made bread and some fish to eat.
Showed right from wrong, teaching the throng.
His name fixed the lame.

Chorus 2:
If the revealed King don't do the trick
You maybe have a head that's thick.
You better learn, learn, learn, learn, learn it real quick,
in Dalmanutha!

"Did I tell you?" the Savior said. "Blind don't see or understand truth.
"I think that you got confused, too.
All that night and all the next, sailed without any bread.
"You only thought of foods. Silly, silly dudes."

chorus 2

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