Come Home Wayward Son

(parody of "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I've written several songs about the Prodigal Son; it's a theme that resonates with me. It'll be a brave day when I work up the nerve to record this one, though.

Come on home, my wayward son. There is no peace while you run.
With your Father, that's what's best. Don't you fly no more.

Once you chose to love a boy's cheap delusion.
"Got to get away," it was your conclusion.
Got your money from your sire, then you said goodbye.

Set your eyes on all the fun you could find, man.
In your mind you thought it never would end, man.
You see your father when you're dreaming.
You can hear him say:


Masquerading as a man with some means now.
Your charade, it isn't all that it seems now.
And when your final dollar flies, man,
You've surely got no place to go.

From your wealthy ways, you got a demotion.
Tossing food to pigs would be a promotion.
It's looking coarse, but hunger draws you.
Can you hear your father say?


Come on home! He is calling so tender.
Come on home! Just repent and surrender.
Now you know that you're unworthy,
Still your Father waits for you.


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