Ark of Covenant

(parody of "Grandma's Feather Bed" by John Denver)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I wrote this one purely for the fun of it. There's no deep theology or hard-hitting message, just a partial history of the Ark. Enjoy!

When we were delivered from the goys, following after Mo,
God sent us into the wilderness, about twenty years or so.
We had sweet manna, water from the rock, snakes if we were discontent,
But the best ol' thing about followin' the Lord was the Ark of Covenant.

It was four feet long, about two wide, and a cubit and one half thick.
It was made of acacia wood, covered in gold, with the two cherubim - pretty slick.
It'd hold two tablets, Aaron's rod, and some manna that the Lord had sent.
Didn't get to see it, but we had a lot of faith in the Ark of Covenant.

After the cloud or following the fire, God would lead us through.
Though we'd be walking for a day or for a week, we never wore out our shoes.
We'd stop and rest, and I'd begin to relaxin' in my tent.
Next thing I know, we're packing up to march with the Ark of Covenant.


We thought the Ark would win the war, God judged us 'cause we were due.
The Philistines took it, it busted up their idols, it even gave them tumors - eww!
But there's King David tryin' to rejoice, instead he had to repent.
Then he made a call, "Who will take up the load of the Ark of Covenant?"
He danced while the Levites took up the load...
(spoken) Nobody died this time 'cause the Levites took the load!


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