All I Can Do

(parody of "It's All I Can Do" by the Cars)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: I always liked this song, even though it wasn't a big hit. I was thinking of some lost family members when I wrote the words.

Now, so many times, I shared Him with you.
"Leave all your shadows, you're long overdue."
And once in the night, I offered a prayer.
You don't want a fight, you said, "leave it there."

It's all I can do, is keep praying for you.
It's all I can do, it's all up to you.

One too many times, you tried to delay.
I said, "You're crazy, He might come today."
You keep your traditions, won't listen to Paul.
In 2 of Ephesians, 8-9 says it all.


Spiritual things are very overt.
When you see the Judge, it's too late to convert.
The Savior, He offers a chance to be new.
And if you reject it, then what's left for you?


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