Adonai Call

(parody of "Hammer to Fall" by Queen)
New lyrics by Mike Fischer

The Story: The original is a hard-rocking song with very depressing lyrics. My version is about ordinary people whom God has called to do extraordinary things. That could be any one of us.

There he stands, his name is Saul. History will know him as Paul.
On the road, he saw the light. Lord have mercy and restore his sight.

He won't waste no time at all. Soon in a basket and over the wall.
In Arabia, he's enthralled. He's just waiting for the Adonai call.

Oh every night, a boy named Dave, would keep the peace in case a sheep went astray.
He'd lift his face to God and pray, building faith but with the flock he would stay.

'Til Goliath called his name. Let a stone go and a warrior falls.
Kill one giant, rise in fame. You know it's God who gives the Adonai call.

Rich or poor don't matter when the Master calls your name, so go, so go!
The walk means more, the holy war we're fighting unashamed, so go!
Maybe now's the time He'll stake His claim.

For those who lived and were allowed in the shadow of the pillar of cloud,
Convicted by the revealed Word, they just want to see His power, His power, His power.

Promised land they're fighting for. It's an ending for the Jericho wall.
Trust in God and say your prayers, while you're working out the Adonai, Adonai call.

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