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I am not an ordained minister, or a trained theologian. But when I was trying to become a support missionary, it was expected that I would preach at the churches I visited, so the Lord taught me how. These are the full texts of sermons I've brought to those churches, to my own church, or to our Men's Prayer Advance meetings. All are centered on what the Bible says. If you want to use them, I ask only that you let me know in advance.

Full-length messagesMini-sermons
Acts 16: A Closer Look
An Outdated Book
Are You Listening?
The Bondservant
Differences Between Believers
Don't Dare to Be a Demas (02/2013)
Faithful Sayings I: I Timothy 1:15
A Father's Legacy
Global Warming?
God's Benefit Package (12/2012)
The Great White Stone Judgment
Gun Control — a Biblical Perspective (02/2013)
How many praying saints...
Lies of the Devil
Living Words in Dry Places (I Chronicles 12)
No One Wants to Go Home
The Opposites of Wisdom
No Other Gods
Resist the Devil (James 4:7-1)
Romans 14
What's Wrong with Our Prayers?
Why Are You Here?
Godly New Year's Resolutions
In Jesus' Name
Sergeants in God's Army
Tried by Fire: I Corinthians 3

Poems & Prose

The Deceiver
The Trophy Case
On Modesty — an open letter to the ladies