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These Christian computer games run in a DOS window. I wrote them using Turbo Pascal. They aren't spectacular to look at, but they are fun to play, and they teach Biblical principles without being preachy. Instructions are included as a .DOC file. Enjoy them and spread them around!

Crusade in the Cosmos

Crusade in the Cosmos sends you into the future. You have a small fleet of ships and a handful of willing church planters. Your task: to evangelize the galaxy! You'll have to contend with persecution, space pirates, and natural disasters, as well as maintaining supplies for your ships; you may get a visit from an angel, or one of your churches may send you a much-needed love offering. Can you win souls on the dreaded DarkStar?


Envoy sends you in the other direction, into the past of the Roman Empire. You must navigate the catacombs to the bottom, overcoming temptations as you explore the darkened passages. As you go deeper, the temptations get stronger... This game has been useful to at least one New Tribes missionary in Bolivia.

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