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I started writing wargames one day, for no reason that I can recall, and I can't seem to stop. Here are the results. They aren't just rule sets, but complete games with counters, maps, and track sheets for scoring. All you need is one or two 6-sided dice, and a color printer to print everything out. The emphasis is on simple rules and quick play, not on meticulous re-creations of reality. They have not been extensively playtested, so if you find an ambiguity in the rules or have a suggestion for an improvement, by all means e-mail me. In fact, if you play any of them, I'd love to hear what you think.

These games are freeware, not public-domain. I retain all rights. You may download everything here, and do what you like with them for your own personal use, but if you want to spread them around to others, you may not make any changes without my express written permission. Beyond that, enjoy!

The "My Games 2" page contains the really big projects -- StarMarines, All the Ships, and the M8 Maps.

To download a game, right-click its name and choose Save Target As.

Games On This Site
Space EasyStar Starship design and tactical battle. Easy to learn, but dozens of options keep the game from becoming predictable. Up to 20 ships per player, multiple ship sizes and weapon types, carriers, flagship advantages, and more. Includes scenarios. 2-4 players. Most recent revision: 10/04/2004. This was my first game design, and I still like it a lot.
Space S.L.O.B.S. III The Simple Large Outer-space Battle System - 42 spaceships on a side, 10 ship types plus fighters. Easy rules, quick set-up, no record-keeping, large-scale mayhem. 2 players. Most recent revision: ?/?/????
Space Orbital Battle Space and land war in a solar system where the planets move in their orbits, changing the game map every turn. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: ?/?/????
Land (ancient) The Wars of David Ancient warfare between the kingdom of Israel and her eight angry neighbors. 2 players. Most recent revision: ?/?/????
Land (mythical) Mythfire Build an army of centaurs, harpies, griffons, and giants, then bash your opponents into the ground. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 02/2003
Land (WWII) GEV-WWII The rules for Ogre/GEV, with a few additions and a full list of vehicle definitions for fighting the Second World War. These rules are intended for use with 1/285 or 1/300 micro-armor. 2 players. Most recent revision: 06/2006
Land (modern) Gators! A modern amphibious operation, with helicopters, swimming armored-personnel carriers, LCAC's, Harrier jets, and all the other equipment a real Marine Expeditionary Unit uses. Includes rules for two scenarios. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 05/2003
11/22/2003 This game has received the highest compliment I can imagine. A chief warrant officer of the USMC, whose unit recently returned from Iraq, wants to use Gators! for training exercises for his unit. The thought that something I created can play even a tiny role in our nation's defense and preparedness... wow!
Land (modern) Airborne! The rules and OPFOR from Gators!, but in this game, instead of the USMC, the 82nd Airborne drops in for a visit. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 05/2003
Land (modern) Rangers! The rules and OPFOR from Gators!, but this time, it's the Army Rangers' turn. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 05/2003
Land (modern) USSR units for the above games In case the 60's-vintage American equipment doesn't give "the good guys" enough of a challenge, try these 80's-vintage USSR units. Most recent revision: 05/31/2003
Land (generic) Generic counters Sheets of land-unit counters, for other people's game rules in almost any era. Heavy on infantry and cavalry, but armor and other modern units are also represented. Seven different colors, so you can get the armies you want. Most recent revision: 05/2004
Land (future) Dogfaces in Space A simple individual-level battle set in the near future. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 2003
Land (future) S.A.B.O.T. Fast land battles meant for a big battlefield, with dozens of kinds of tanks, armored cars, grav tanks, walkers, and others. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 05/2004
Land (future) StarMarines
(see My Games 2)
A game in the same theme as WH40K, but faster, simpler, and free. 11 alien races, and dozens of soldier types, weapons, and vehicles. 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 12/2005
Superhero SuperGuys Create your own 4-person team of superheroes with dozens of possible powers, then fight for the right to defend the city! 2 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 02/2003
Naval EasyShip Simple naval-battle rules for 20th-century ships, especially my "All the Ships" counters. Minimal record-keeping and critical-hit-centered rules bring large battles into the realm of possibility, while preserving most of each ship's details. 2 players. M8 maps required. Last revision: 02/2007
Naval All the Ships
(see My Games 2)
Ship counters for naval battles. Almost every major warship from the 1890's to the end of WWII, and a growing section of modern ships. Over 7500 ships so far, not counting aircraft.
Pulp To A Pulp Fast-playing, simple pulp-gaming rules that use free downloadable paper counters and four kinds of map sets (included). 2+ players. Most recent revision: 06/06/2006.
Click here for a battle report.
Christian Apostolos A Christian "war" game. Build your churches, guard them against false teachings, deal with persecution, and raise up more workers to make more churches. 2-4 players. M8 maps required. Most recent revision: 02/2003
Not serious Hack & Sack New Jersey The alien Krylons invade the Garden State! Spaceships disgorge hordes of Cossacks and Roman-style legions; Jerseyite biker gangs and accountants fight back. 2 players. Most recent revision: 12/2005
Not serious Space Colony Cheeses Can you build a successful dairy colony on another planet? Build barns, ice-cream warehouses, power plants and veterinary modules. 2-4 players. Most recent revision: 2002
Maps The M8 Map System
(see My Games 2)
Modular map tiles to create maps for nearly any game that uses hex maps, including most of my own games. Most recent revision: 2004
Instructions How to Print Out the Game Pieces Instructions for printing all these games.