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Mike has a mission...

And that mission is to use my gifts to help spread the Kingdom of God. (Isn't that the mission of every Christian?) Specifically, what I'm good at is computers. Any kind of computer work, you name it, I've probably done it. And I'll do it for you, free for the asking, if you're a pastor, a church worker, or (especially) a missionary. Among the services I offer are: Can I help you? Would your ministry be enhanced if your computer would do what you want it to do? Please e-mail me, and we'll see what we can arrange. If you're not sure exactly what you need or whether I can do it, write anyway. E-mail is cheap.

I prefer to work in the New England area. But my wife and I are willing to take short-term trips to mission fields, domestic and abroad, to help the ones who often need it the most and get it the least — the missionaries.

"Freely have ye received, freely give." - Matthew 10:8b

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