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Hi, I'm Mike, and this is my wife, Eileen. We're two ordinary Christians who want to use our God-given talents for Him and His Kingdom. There's nothing special about us. Any child of God can do the same.

I became a Christian in 1982; before then, I called myself an atheist. I'm in my 14th year at the Foxboro Company in Foxboro, MA, handling databases to help with power-plant control system design. Among my many interests are guitars, choir singing, classical music, Bolivian folk music, model railroading, sci-fi wargaming, game design, naval history, puns and bloopers, MIDI music sequencing, romping with small children, and reading.

Eileen accepted Christ in 1987, coming out of a Roman Catholic background. She enjoys ice skating, antiques, tropical fish, quilting, collecting dolls, reading, and cycling.

We met in 1995, as teaching partners for junior church. Our friendship grew without any worldly dating or "sloppy agape." We married on October 24, 1998.

The third member of our household is Benji, a 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, who is a good companion, a fair-to-middling watchdog, and a shameless beggar when he smells food.

See the "My Mission" page for details on how we'd like to be a blessing to you.

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