Scenario: StrategOgre

by Mike Fischer

Just for a change of pace, try playing GEV on a map that you probably already own: the map from the game Stratego.

The Stratego map is 10x10 squares, with two lakes in the middle. I suggest two levels of combat, Short and Long. Each player gets the following units:


Armor units and CP's go in the first row, or first two rows for the Long game (the LT's are stacked, as are the LGEV's), and the infantry sets up in the third row, in pairs or three's.

Use normal GEV rules. Treat the lakes as ordinary water; all other spaces are clear terrain. Units can freely move and attack diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.

Play 12 turns. The goal is to score more VP's than the other player. The CP's count for 18 points if destroyed.

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