Scenario: Peacekeeping Force

by Mike Fischer

Civil unrest has broken out in the nation of Bannstan. Both the Combine and the Paneuro's have been trying to gain influence in this neutral nation, and now is their chance. Whoever brings a peacekeeping force to the capital and restores order will be in a fine position to make deals with the Bannstan government. The trouble is that both sides want that honor, and the "peacekeeping forces" will probably beat the snot out of each other before the day is done. Also, the situation has unfolded so fast that neither side can commit a large force immediately. You'll have to start with a handful of units, and build up with whatever reserves your high command can scrape together.

This is a scenario of reinforcements. The goal is to fill the capital city with your forces.

There are six kinds of reinforcement forces, each worth 18 points:

Die RollForce TypeUnits
1Armor platoon3 armor units of HVY and/or LT
2Heavy armor1 SHVY and 1 armor unit of HVY or LT
3Cavalry troop3 armor units of GEV and/or LGEV
4Heavy support3 armor units of MSL and/or MHWZ
5Infantry co.18 points of INF and/or HWINF and/or GEV-PC
6Scratch force2 armor units of different speeds and 3 INF. A GEV and two LGEV would not be allowed, but a GEV and two LT would be fine. The idea here is that all the units can't be the same speed. One 12-point unit like a SHVY is not allowed.

Use the GEV map. Each player starts the game with a cavalry troop. Combine units enter the map in hex 0101; Paneuro units enter at 0123. The entry hex counts as one move.

At the start of each turn, beginning with turn #2, one player rolls a die and consults the table above to find out which reinforcements each player gets for that turn. A force with an "and/or" component means you choose your units from the types listed. Both players must form a force from what was rolled, but don't have to use exactly identical units. Each player must use at least one MHWZ, two LGEVs, and two LTs during the course of the game. If you roll a force you got last turn, or which you've already rolled twice, roll again. This includes the cavalry troop you start with. Once each player has gotten two of each kind of force, you get no more reinforcements.

Play with standard GEV rules. Due to roadblocks and other side effects of civil unrest, all road hexes in clear terrain are considered cut. The roads in towns and forests are intact, as are all towns and bridges, and none of these can be attacked (you're trying to impress the local government, remember?). Your goal is the city of Merikan, the capital of Bannstan, which is the cluster of town hexes on the island in the southeast corner of the map. The town hexes in 1718 and 1818 are not part of the capital. Attacks on units in town hexes do not spill over onto the town hex itself.

Due to the civil unrest, light tanks, LGEV's, and single infantry squads are at risk of being attacked by angry mobs. Each such unit that ends its turn in any town hex, with no other friendly units in that hex, gets attacked with odds of 1-2 (no terrain bonus). Do this at the end of the turn, after all other combat has been resolved.

The first player to end a turn with a unit in each hex of the capital city, with no enemy units in any capital-city hex, wins a decisive victory. Disabled units don't count as occupying city hexes for a win, but they can count as enemy units to keep a player from winning. If both forces maul each other so badly that neither side can win, the goal becomes a fight to the death; the winner gains a marginal victory.

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