Scenario: Ogre Meets Epic

by Mike Fischer

Looking for something a little different in your Ogre gaming? Here's how to bring minis from another popular game into Ogre/GEV. By a stunning coincidence, Games Workshop used the same scale for their Epic: Armageddon units (1/285) as SJG used for the Ogre minis. So if you or a friend has a gorgeously painted Epic Imperial army, you can set them against your Combine or Paneuro army for a fair but very different-looking battle.

Ogre UnitSpace MarinesImperialsOrks
SHVYLand RaiderBanebladeGunfortress
HVYPredatorLeman RussGunwagon
GEVLand SpeederMarauderFighta-Bomma
LGEVBikesVultureDeth Kopta
DeathstrikeSoopa Gun
INFBattle Co.Infantry Co.Warband
HWINFTerminatorsFire Supt. Pltn.Big Gunz
Ogre Mark III
Warhound TitanGargant
Ogre Mark IV
Reaver Titan
Ogre Mark V
Warlord TitanGreat Gargant

The Space Marines can "borrow" Imperial units to fill any holes in their formations.

Play any of the standard Ogre or GEV scenarios, preferably one with a wide mix of units. One or both sides can use Epic minis.

And if an Ork warband yells "Waaaagh!" as they charge at an Ogre Mark V, I'd love to hear how it turns out.

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