Scenario: GEV Chess

by Mike Fischer

And now for something completely different: have you ever played GEV on a chess board or checkerboard? It's a lot more portable than a big map, and it adds some complications of its own.

Each player sets up on the board as follows:

2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf2 Inf

Play according to normal GEV rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. Instead of each player moving all his units and then attacking, each player moves one unit, then attacks with that unit, then takes the second move if it's a GEV; then it's the other player's turn to move and attack with a unit.
  2. A diagonal move requires 1-1/2 move units. Thus, a missile tank with 2 move units could make one diagonal move; a GEV on its first move could go two diagonals and one straight move.
  3. Diagonals also count as 1-1/2 spaces when figuring ranges for attacking.
  4. All spaces are Clear terrain.
Fight to the death.

Design notes

This nutty idea was inspired by my friend Kyle Laramore, because of our constant re-definition of the basic rules of checkers, which we play while waiting for our table at Cracker Barrel.

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