Scenario: Ogre Challenge

by Mike Fischer

Col. Martel squinted through his powered binoculars at the approaching dust cloud. Squinting didn't help him see better, he knew, but there had to be SOMETHING he could do to improve the situation. He'd gotten a fragmentary report of an incoming attack on his command post. But the message had been garbled and partially jammed. He knew when to expect the attack, and from where. But the nature of the attacker remained a mystery. Had the enemy sent one big Ogre, or a few smaller ones? If he knew what was coming, he could optimize his defenses, maybe even set a trap. But no disposition of his forces could cover all bases. So he squinted, hoping to get an early glimpse of his enemy before it was too late. The dust cloud was drawing nearer.

There have been many scenarios about an Ogre attacking a command post. This one is a little different. This time, the attacker is so rude as to not announce in advance what his forces are. In fact, he doesn't know what they are himself, until the battle begins. Thus, a player who's especially good at grinding his foe under a Mark V, or at sniping from a distance with a Fencer, loses a lot of his advantage. The defender, on the other hand, must prepare for any kind of attack, from a slashing Mark IV to a conventional force of tanks and GEV's; both his unit choice and his set-up have to be ready for anything. This scenario will definitely test both players' abilities to adapt and improvise.

Use the Ogre map. The defender gets 20 armor units, 30 strength points of infantry, and one command post (the usual force for the Advanced Ogre scenario). Once he has chosen all his units and set them up according to the usual rules, the attacker rolls a die to choose his force:

  1. Ogre Mark V
  2. Ogre Mark IV
  3. Ogre Mark III-b, Ogre Mark I, Heavy Tank; defender gets 1 additional INF
  4. Ogre Mark III, Ogre Mark II
  5. Fencer-B
  6. 22 armor units, 24 infantry
Play with standard Ogre rules and victory conditions.

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