Cadet-Captain Mike's Semi-Random Pirate Crew Generator

Strictly for fun, here's a set of tables for making up your own character crew. Each ability is used in at least one real WizKids crew, and the point values are line with what you'd pay for a real crew, so whatever you roll up, it won't be a game-breaker. It won't be tournament-legal, either, of course. But if your Pirates experience won't be complete unless you've used Lord Nelson or Admiral Halsey at least once, then here's how to make him happen.

First, choose two abilities from the following table. Add up their {point costs} to give the crew's total point cost. Reduce the total cost by 1 if either or both of the abilities costs more than 5 points. The ability descriptions are somewhat abbreviated, but it should be clear to a reasonably experienced Pirates player what each ability means. A crew can have only one "Limit" ability.

If you'd rather choose abilities at random, you can roll percentage dice instead. If the roll comes up higher than the number of abilities, reroll. If you get two abilities that are duplicates or very similar to each other, treat the second roll as a 1 (Captain) or reroll it.

  1. {3} Captain (shoot after move)
  2. {6} Reverse Captain (move after shoot)
  3. {2} Helmsman (+S move)
  4. {1} Explorer (dock & explore in same turn)
  5. {3} Musketeer (add one 3S cannon)
  6. {2} Cannoneer (reroll one cannon that misses)
  7. {2} Shipwright (give Repair orders anywhere)
  8. {1} Oarsman (base move of S if derelict)
  9. {6} Marine
  10. {2} Chainshot Specialist
  11. {2} Stinkpot Specialist
  12. {3} Eliminate 1 crew/turn to get a 2nd action
  13. {3} Reroll one die roll/turn
  14. {4} +1 cannon rolls vs non-[own faction] ships
  15. {4} +1 cannon rolls vs non-[own faction] ships and forts
  16. {2} +1 cannon rolls vs one faction (choose below)
  17. {2} +1 cannon rolls if ship has a Captain
  18. {3} +1 cannon rolls if target was shot at this turn
  19. {2} Eliminate one crew with a hit, once/turn
  20. {4} Eliminate one cargo with each hit
  21. {3} Home-island robber (1 coin)
  22. {6} Home-island robber (all you can carry)
  23. {6} You own any derelict you explore; both are docked at your home island
  24. {5} All this ship's cannons have L range
  25. {5} Shoot submerged ships within S
  26. {3} While at home island, trade 1 treasure for a 3S cannon
  27. {4} Board while within S range; boarded ship can't use boarding bonuses
  28. {3} +1 on boarding rolls
  29. {4} +1 on boarding rolls (+2 vs sea creatures)
  30. {4} +1 on boarding rolls (+2 vs submarines)
  31. {5} If win boarding action, take as much treasure as you can carry
  32. {2} If touching a [faction] ship, take as much treasure as you can carry
  33. {5} If you win a boarding action, capture highest-priced crew for ransom
  34. {7} If you win a boarding action, eliminate all enemy ship's crew
  35. {7} If you win a boarding action, choose any two: take a treasure, kill a crew, eliminate a mast.
  36. {2} Once/turn, take 1 random treasure from a ship you're touching
  37. {3} Same action twice on 5-6
  38. {5} 2nd action on 5-6
  39. {6} Any one friendly ship gets 2nd action on 6
  40. {4} Broadside attack
  41. {5} Crew on this ship cannot be eliminated unless she sinks
  42. {2} Reduce the costs of other crew on this ship by 1 each
  43. {4} One ship or crew within S cannot use its ability this turn
  44. {3} +1 cargo spaces; takes up no space
  45. {3} Trade 1 treasure between this island and another wild island
  46. {3} Trade treasures w/ ship within S
  47. {2} One of this ship's treasures is worth +1 when unloaded at home island
  48. {3} One of this ship's treasures is worth +2 when unloaded at home island
  49. {2} Crew of any nationality can serve on this ship
  50. {1} [faction] crew can serve on this ship (choose below)
  51. {3} When revealed, takes up 0 cargo; bring in 1 crew worth 2 pts or less
  52. {2} Ignore terrain (except islands and icebergs)
  53. {2} Move S after loading treasure, once/turn
  54. {2} Move S after unloading treasure, once/turn
  55. {2} Unload cargo if within S of your home island
  56. {3} Mark an island within S as explored; it becomes unexplored to all other players
  57. {6} Give this ship a Move but don't move her; on a roll of 5-6, move an enemy ship L instead.
  58. {4} Ghost ship
  59. {4} Fear
  60. {2} Eternal
  61. {4} If a sea creature begins its move within L of this ship, it gets +L to its move
  62. {8} Use the ship's action to possess 1 crew on a ship within S. On a roll of 6, that crew moves to your ship and becomes part of your faction.
  63. {11} Limit. Choose one ability used by any other ship or crew in play; this crew gets that ability for this turn.
  64. {12} Limit. On 1-4, this ship gets 2nd action; on 5, any friendly ship gets 2nd action; on 6, give an enemy ship an action
  65. {-1} Loyal: [own faction]; Hostile: a different faction (choose below). This does not count as one of your crew's two abilities.
  66. {0} Limit, Ransom. Link to one same-faction crew of your choice. Reroll one die roll/turn.
  67. {0} Limit, Ransom. Build your fleet with 5 more points than the game's build total. This crew cannot be transferred off this ship.
  68. {0} Crew on this ship cost 0. Each time the ship is hit, if you roll a 6, move the costliest crew to a wild island chosen by the player on your left. This crew cannot be eliminated unless his ship sinks.
  69. {0} Link to a ship of your choice which does not have any of your crew's abilities. The ship must be in your faction and cannot have any other links. This does not count as one of your crew's two abilities.
  70. {0} Link to another named crew of your choice who does not have any of your crew's abilities. The other crew must be in your faction and cannot have any other links. This does not count as one of your crew's two abilities.

If one of your abilities required you to choose a particular faction, roll on the table below. If you roll your own faction, choose one of the one-off factions (Barbary Corsairs, Jade Rebellion, Mercenaries, or Vikings) and use that faction instead.

  1. Pirates
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. American
  6. Cursed
Finally, roll a die. On a roll of 6 (or 5 if the crew is Pirate), if this crew costs 6 points or more, reduce the crew's point cost by 1.

You're done! Put that crew on a ship and see what happens!

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