Cadet-Captain Mike's Guide to Basic Piracy
Part 4: Factions, Crew, Events, and Forts

How to pick a good ship or crew? Start by considering where the ship comes from. Some factions are set up to give better value with a gold-running strategy, while others are aimed predominantly at fighting. Here's my take on which fleets are good for which tactics. Another area to consider is generic crew, which are the same for all factions. Which ones are the good ones? What about events, those powerful abilities that can be used only once? Are any of them worth it? Finally, I'd like to say a few things about forts. They're not the most wonderful thing in the Spanish Main, but they have their uses, and WizKids should think about making some more, especially for the factions who don't have any.

What can you do with a fort? There are many ways they can be useful, including:

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